• Ashley Graham shares new nude photos
  • Graham draws attention to her stomach
  • The model responds to fan on social media

Ashley Graham isn't shying away from showing the reality of her body a few months postpartum! Graham took to Instagram on Sunday to share some surprising pictures that show what her body looks like after welcoming her twins, and fans are praising her authenticity.

Graham poses nude and shows off stretch marks

Graham shared several images of herself standing in front of a mirror, wearing nothing more than her underwear. The gorgeous model partially covers her huge breasts with an arm across her chest so as to not be too revealing. She presents herself without makeup here, looking completely natural with a fresh-faced look.

However, what is most noticeable here is Graham's stomach, which is covered in stretch marks as a result of her latest pregnancy. One of the photos she shared is a close-up that sees her pinching her skin, unashamed to show off her extra tummy fat and imperfections. "Hi, new tummy. We’ve been through a lot. Thank you," Graham captioned her post. She also included the hashtag "#3monthspostpartum".

Also interesting:

Graham's authentic pictures prompted comments about how she's "beautiful inside and out". She also replied to a fan who expressed appreciation for the images, mentioning that she was struggling with her own body a couple months after giving birth. "Everyone’s postpartum journey looks different but we’re in this together," she wrote. Back in February, Graham revealed that she and husband Justin Ervin welcomed twin boys Malachi and Roman, sharing her first photo with her twins post-pregnancy