• The sequel to Top Gun will be the movie of the summer
  • It will include many of the same cast members
  • The iconic Kelly McGillis will not be in the sequel

But...we can't help but notice someone else's absence! Kelly McGillis will not be in the new film. Why is that? In 1986, she delighted us in the role of "Charlotte 'Charlie' Blackwood". But McGillis will not be part of this new installment. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019, she revealed the reason herself...

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Kelly McGillis Will Be Missed By Many Top Gun Fans

Kelly McGillis

"I'm old, I'm fat and I look my age. That's not what the movie is about", Kelly said to ET. However, the film's director, Joseph Kosinkski, has now revealed to 'Insider' that a return to the role for McGills was never actually in the cards! Top Gun: Maverick is set 30 years after the original, so, according to Kosinkski, now it is time for a new generation to star in the film.

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