Kesha has shared a brand-new song that's perfect for everyone in quarantine right now! The singer took to Instagram on Friday to post a video for "Home Alone", a track which celebrates the freedom of being just that.

"'Cause you know I'm home alone, Macaulay-caulay-Culkin" Kesha sings in the video, which opens with a clip from the movie Home Alone (which a young Culkin starred in) before showing her dancing around her house to the song.

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Kesha says "Home Alone" is for everyone "hanging at home"

The video for the catchy track that features lyrics such as "I'm reading bookies, baking cookies in my thigh-highs," is quite short, only around 30 seconds long. Since it's only a preview of the song, fans are hoping that Kesha will drop a full-length version of "Home Alone" soon.

"I’ve been bored at home so I made a song for u animals!!!" Kesha said in the caption for her Instagram post about "Home Alone". "And a little video. It’s called HOME ALONE... dedicated to all of you sexy people hanging at home.....alone". She also mentioned that the song was dedicated to Culkin, tagging him in her post!

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Kesha also made another new song with a celebrity shoutout

Kesha posted a snippet of a song titled "Nic Cage" on Instagram just last week, which had never been heard before. In it, the singer, who's expressed her love for actor Nicolas Cage before, sings about being "on some Nicolas Cage s**t". Much like "Home Alone", it also incorporates video footage of the actor it namedrops, and is only a short preview of the song.

Watch the video Kesha shared for her new song "Home Alone" here!