• Kevin Bacon tests anonymity at LA's bustling Grove
  • He thought he’d take a crack at blending in with people
  • You won't believe what happened!

Kevin Bacon, a name synonymous with Hollywood royalty since the '80s, decided to take a walk on the wild side of anonymity. In a candid revelation to 'Vanity Fair,' Bacon shared his unique attempt to dodge fame, if only for a day. "I went to a special effects makeup artist," Bacon confessed, detailing the lengths he went to in order to blend in with the crowd.

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Kevin Bacon: A day in disguise

Imagine walking past Kevin Bacon in a shopping mall and not batting an eyelid. Sounds impossible, right? Yet, that's exactly what happened when Bacon, adorned with a prosthetic nose, fake teeth, and glasses, strolled through the tourist-packed Grove. The result? Absolute anonymity. "Nobody recognized me," Bacon remarked, highlighting the stark contrast to his usual star-studded existence. The actor humorously lamented the downsides of being a nobody, from being ignored to the mundane wait for coffee. "This sucks. I want to go back to being famous," Bacon joked.

Bacon's experiment with anonymity isn't just a whimsical tale; it's a reflection on the nature of fame and its impact. With a father who graced the cover of 'Time' magazine, fame runs deep in the Bacon bloodline. Yet, Kevin's pursuit of acting was fueled by more than familial legacy. "A hundred percent," Bacon said when asked if his father's fame inspired his career path. He credits his parents for nurturing his creative talents, from acting to painting and beyond.

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