• Rumors are that Kevin Costner is dating Jewel
  • The singer and the actor are said to be an item
  • THIS is the scoop

Kevin Costner, the ruggedly handsome Yellowstone icon, and Jewel, the angel-voiced "Foolish Games" singer, have set the rumor mill ablaze with whispers of a budding romance. Caught cozy at a gala and bonding over charity, this duo is the talk of Tinseltown. But is love really in the air? Let's unravel the mystery of this potential power couple!

A Gala Affair to Remember

It all started on a star-studded night in November when Kevin and Jewel were spotted together, igniting the flames of speculation. The scene? A glamorous gala for Jewel's Inspiring Children Foundation. The evidence? A photo that speaks a thousand words - Kevin's arms wrapped around a microphone-holding Jewel, both wearing smiles that could light up the Las Vegas Strip.

In a recent tell-all with 'Elle', Jewel played it coy but couldn't hide her admiration for Costner. "He's a great person," she gushed, her cheeks a canvas of blush.

The fascination from the public? "Intense for sure," she admits. But amidst the blush and bashful smiles, the question remains - are they or aren't they?

Adding fuel to the fire, Jewel took to Instagram to thank Kevin for his role in mentoring the kids at her foundation. A special shoutout that's got everyone's eyebrows raised and hearts aflutter. Could this be the modern love story we've all been waiting for?

This rumored romance surfaces as Kevin navigates the aftermath of a tumultuous divorce from Christine Baumgartner. With the ink barely dry and the battle over child support behind him, could Jewel be the fresh start and soothing melody Kevin's life needs?

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As the world watches with bated breath, only time will tell if Kevin and Jewel's relationship hits a high note or remains a beautiful ballad of friendship. But one thing's for sure - when Hollywood and pop royalty collide, it's a story we can't help but follow.