• Kevin Spacey is an Oscar-winning actor
  • He has been on trial for sexual assault
  • Spacey has been cleared and will work again

For many, the news of his accusations were devastating to hear. After all, Spacey was very respected up until that point, and his show on Netflix 'House of Cards' had gripped the entire planet. But suddenly things seem to be on the up for him again. Spacey was in the midst of concluding his London trial for the sexual assault of another man, when this bombshell was announced: Spacey would return to the screen as an actor once again!

Will audiences accept his return?

After much deliberation, Spacey has now been cleared on all counts on Thursday following a four-week trial in London’s Southwark Crown Court. And Gene Fallaize, the director of his new movie 'Control' has said he stands by his decision to cast the actor while he was awaiting trial for sexual assault.

Kevin Spacey Appears In Court On Sexual Assault Charges

"I don’t regret casting Kevin and I would do it all over again," Fallaize told 'Variety' magazine. But audiences won't really see Spacey in it. What exactly is the movie about? The film stars Kevin who does not appear visually in the movie, as a man hellbent on revenge who hijacks the car of a high-ranking government official.

Also interesting:

Spacey's role is entirely vocal, and it was recorded in London, last December just weeks after he was charged with seven of the twelve sexual offenses for which he was tried. That means that producers were banking on Spacey being cleared of all charges. After all, you can't release a film with a convicted sex abuser in it, and expect it to do well. 

But even before the trial finished, Fallaize says the film had already sold to distributors in Germany, Russia and the Middle East. Now that Kevin has been cleared of all offenses, discussions have moved forward on a U.S. and U.K. release!