• Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has new problems
  • A documentary exposing him is coming to the UK
  • THIS is what fans can expect

In an explosive new documentary titled 'Spacey Unmasked,' set to air in the U.K., ten men step forward with harrowing tales of alleged abuse at the hands of Kevin Spacey. In one of the most high-profile falls from grace in recent memory, Spacey's troubles now have a new chapter being written.

The Shocking Revelations

This gripping Channel 4 documentary promises a "forensic look" at Spacey's rise and fall, featuring never-before-heard testimonies that span five decades.

From starstruck victims to shocking allegations of sexual misconduct, this documentary is set to shake the foundations of Hollywood's glitzy facade.

"I felt like I was staring at a soulless monster," says Daniel, an actor, recounting his alleged sexual assault by Kevin Spacey. This bone-chilling statement sets the tone for 'Spacey Unmasked,' a documentary that delves deep into the accusations against the once-celebrated Oscar winner.

With ten men coming forward, the film explores incidents that allegedly occurred from Spacey's high school days to the pinnacle of his career.

Many victims, initially dazzled by Spacey's stardom and promises of career advancement, recount a horrifying realization. Allegations of "sexual favors" in exchange for professional help and instances of being "kidnapped" to "run lines" paint a grim picture of manipulation and abuse.

The two-part doc, directed and produced by Katherine Haywood and executive produced by Dorothy Byrne and Mike Lerner, is set to premiere in the U.K. on May 6 and 7. Its U.S. air dates on Max and Investigation Discovery will be announced next week. 

In a defiant response on X, formerly Twitter, Spacey slammed the documentary and Channel 4's approach, vowing not to be silenced. Despite his acquittal in a London trial over nine charges in July 2023, the documentary brings to light allegations that have not been part of any trial, stirring controversy and debate.

The Oscar winner accused the channel of giving him too short a window to respond to the statements made in the program

From an Old Vic worker alleging Spacey pushed his groin into his face, to an ex-marine recounting an unwanted advance at a party, the testimonies are harrowing. The documentary also touches on the complex feelings of guilt and fear of retribution that prevented many from speaking out sooner.

Adding a layer of complexity, Spacey's brother, Randy, shares their family's troubled history, hinting at a backdrop of abuse and psychological trauma that may have shaped the actor's life.

'Spacey Unmasked' not only aims to give a voice to the victims but also to shed light on the culture of silence and complicity that allows such behavior to go unchecked in the entertainment industry.

An ex-marine said that Spacey forced himself onto him while at a party of Bruce Willis’, while many of those interviewed suggested that the star allegedly enjoyed preying on straight men, "enjoying the chase" of trying to "flip" them.

"Everybody knows: if you don’t want to go home with Kevin, don’t be the last guy in the bar with him," Jesse, an ex-colleague of Spacey’s, says in the doc

The documentary is a stark reminder of the long-lasting impact of abuse and the courage it takes to come forward.

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The documentary contributors voice concern over the impact it would have on their own careers as Spacey continually pledged to help budding actors and crew members with making it big!

Set to premiere in the U.K. on May 6 and 7, with U.S. air dates to be announced, 'Spacey Unmasked' is poised to reignite discussions about accountability, the complexities of fame, and the long road to justice for victims of sexual misconduct.