Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West recently made time for a "date night" while they attended a friend's wedding together! Kim took to social media to give fans a glimpse at their sweet night out!

Kim shares pics and videos from weekend on Instagram

Kim may not have shared any photos that showed her and Kanye's faces, but she did share one that showed their feet! "Date night," Kim captioned a photo of the couple's footwear for the event. While Kim opted for strappy gladiator heels, Kanye wore suede boots. Kim's small metallic purse and fruity cocktail could also be seen in the pic! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Kim didn't identify the couple whose backyard ceremony she and Kanye were attending by name.

However, she did share a photo she took of the newlyweds on her Instagram story, along with pictures of the food and beautiful outdoor setting! She even included a few short video clips, including one where a Frank Sinatra song was playing. It looked like Kim enjoyed some family fun during the weekend too, as she also shared an Instagram video of her and two of her kids— 6-year-old North and 4-year-old Saint— that showed them jumping into "The Blue Lagoon"!

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Kim and Kanye's relationship: where is "Kimye" at now?

Kim and Kanye celebrated their six-year anniversary in May, but the couple known as "Kimye" has been going through turbulent times recently. A source claimed back in July that Kim felt "stuck" in their relationship, and it was also said around the same time that the couple have reportedly been "considering divorce for a while." 

Earlier this month, a source revealed that Kim was upset after Kanye's latest outrageous Twitter outburst, claiming she's at the "end of her rope" when it comes to their relationship. Amidst the drama though, Kim has tried to be supportive of her husband, even speaking out about his bipolar disorder to bring awareness to the importance of mental health! Perhaps the time "Kimye" spent together over the weekend will help them reconnect and rekindle their romance!

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