Kirsten Dunst is among the many faces seemingly randomly placed on Kanye West's "2020 Vision" campaign poster. The movie star is making it known she was just as shocked at the rest of us when she first laid eyes on the poster!

The actress took to Twitter to laugh it off, but let fans know her photo was used without her permission!

Kirsten Dunst is confused by Kanye

Kirsten Dunst was featured in Kanye West's "2020 Vision" campaign poster, among another famous face, Anna Wintour. 

Not only was the actress not asked if she could be on the poster, but she also wanted fans to know she's not sure what the message is.

"What’s the message here, and why am I apart of it?" she responded to Kanye's tweet. 

Both Wintour and Dunst's reps opened up about the campaign poster saying that they weren't asked permission to use their faces, and both are stepping away from the promo.

While Kanye's wife is linking his behaviour to his bipolar and has asked for compassion, Kanye has taken the time to work diligently on getting his name on as many ballots as possible for the upcoming election, sitting down with Republican representatives such as Jared Kushner.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin made a statement saying they're pleased to have another name on the ballot, and that they "welcome Kanye West and all other candidates who qualified for ballot access to the race and look forward to delivering Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes to President Trump."