William Devane is the actor who portrayed "Greg Summer" in 269 episodes of the American prime time television soap opera Knots Landing from 1983 to 1993. He was born in 1939 in Albany, New York, and started his acting career with the New York Shakespeare Festival where he performed in 15 plays.

William is also known for portraying Robert F. Kennedy in the 1967 Off-Broadway satire MacBird, and other political roles. Let's find out what the actor has been doing lately, shall we? 

What has William Devane done since Knots Landing ended?

William Devane's professional career includes appearances in more than 40 films and more than 50 television shows. Since Knots Landing ended in 1993, he has continued to play some political roles. He guest-starred as the Secretary of State in The West Wing in 2004, and in 2005 he joined the cast of 24 as Secretary of Defense.

William Devane: Starred in Revenge

His most recent work is his appearance in the soap opera Revenge where he had a recurring role as "Grandpa Edward." In 2012 he played the role of the President of the United States in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Two years later, in 2014, he appeared in the science fiction film Interstellar, and in 2015 he was part of the regular cast of the comedy television series The Grinder.

A bit more about Knots Landing star William Devane

  • He is a polo player and enjoys horseback riding
  • He once owned an American-Italian restaurant called Devane's
  • He was in two movies that were released on the same weekend: Space Cowboys and Hollow Man
  • The reason why he often plays political roles is because of his Kennedyesque looks and mannerisms
  • He has been married since 1961. He and his wife, Eugenie Devane have two sons, one of them is also an actor