The soap-opera star Don Hastings was born in 1934 in New York City's Brooklyn district. He has been considered one of the most talented actors since he started his career a couple of decades ago, especially for his 50-year-role as "Dr. Bob Hughes" in the CBS soap-opera As the World Turnsthat aired for 54 years from 1956 to 2010.

He was the third actor to portray the aforementioned character but the longest serving cast member of an American soap opera. He has been active in the television industry since the 1940's, primarily on soap operas.

Don Hastings started his professional career when he was a child!

Before his acting career he started to work in radio when he was only six years old, and when he was 10 years old he acted in four Broadway plays. A couple of years later, at the age of sixteen, Hastings played the role of one of the first superheroes designed to appeal to children, in Captain Video and His Video Rangers

But it was in 1956 when he was cast in his first soap opera The Edge of the Nightbefore making his major breakthrough in As the World Turns. The soap opera star has also worked as a screenwriter. He actually wrote some dialogues for As the World Turnsas well as for the 1952 American soap opera Guiding Light.

What has the As the World Turns star Don Hastings recently done?

Don Hastings currently lives in New York with his second wife, Leslie Denniston; together they have a daughter named Kate, but Don Hastings has two other daughters -Jennifer and Julie- and one son -Matthew- from a previous marriage. His son has followed in Don's steps and has been active in show business for 20 years, as a professional writer, producer, and director.

Don Hastings' most recent works includes his participation in the 2006 film Engaged to Kill, where he played the role of "Dr. Lennox"; and in 2010 he worked as a voice talent in the television series Eureka. 

Did you know that...

Don Hastings played "Dr. Bob Hughes" for so long in As the World Turns that his neighbors reportedly asked for his medical advice several times?

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