The then British Prime Minister, John Major, announced on 9th December 1992 in the House of Commons - and even live on television - the separation of the royal couple Prince Charles (70) and Lady Diana (†36): "From Buckingham Palace it has been announced with regret that the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to separate".

"The royal highnesses do not want to divorce and their public duties are not affected. The separation was mutual and both will continue to care for the upbringing of the children. They will both continue to participate in public events and from time to time attend family and national festivities together," said John Major.

How did Prince Harry and Prince William react to the separation?

Diana's and Charles' family and the government agreed with the decision and wanted understanding and restraint from the media. The wedding on 29th July 1981 was a dream and a fairy tale; the first son, Prince William, was born in 1982 and two years later Prince Henry, known as Harry, followed. Shortly after Harry's birth, however, quarrels are said to have broken out. A few years before the separation, rumours of serious marital problems between Princess Diana and Prince Charles began to spread. At that time they often spent their holidays separately and had to sleep in different rooms.

Many Britons doubted the credibility of the rumours - but in the end the suspicions were confirmed. The two sons Prince William (37) and Prince Harry (34) reacted differently to the separation. Prince Harry's reaction is said to have been much more surprised and shocked than that of his older brother William.