Lady Diana (†36) still manages to move people even today, over twenty years after her death. As the Princess of Hearts, as the people liked to call her, she enjoyed great popularity. The British population probably would have liked to see a crown on her head - after all, she was planned to wear the crown as the wife of Prince Charles (70). 

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Lady Diana: She never wanted to be queen

In an old interview with Lady Di, which she conducted with the British journalist Martin Bashir after her separation from Prince Charles, she spoke openly about her royal duties. Thus the mother of Prince William (37) and Prince Harry (34) could never make friends with her role as monarch: "I would like to be a queen of people's hearts, in people's hearts, but I don't see myself being queen of this country."

She also added that the royal house would not have liked to see her as a queen, as she lives her life in her own way and not according to the rules of the royal family. Even at the time of her marriage to Charles, she had not thought about being queen.

Lady Diana: All she wanted was to do good

It was common knowledge that Lady Diana felt very uncomfortable as a member of the British royal family. So her life as Princess of Wales was very tragic, up to her car accident, which finally cost her her life. All she was trying to do was do good and love everyone and in turn, she was being cheated by her own husband.

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