• Susan Flannery is a famous actress
  • She starred in many soap operas
  • Learn more about her love life

Susan Flannery dazzles soap opera fans with her brilliant portrayals of "Laura Spencer Horton" on Days of Our Lives and "Stephanie Forrester" on The Bold and the Beautiful. She has been a prominent star in the sudster world since the 1960s. But we found ourselves wondering, why the talented actress never got married...

Susan Flannery has an adopted daughter

Susan Flannery has one adopted daughter named Blaise, who was born in 1987. Susan never directly came out as a lesbian, however Gay rights activist and Flannery's friend, Rita Mae Brown, wrote about her in her 1997 memoir, Rita Will. "Because she didn't marry to play the game, she might as well have announced that she was gay," Brown described.

Susan Flannery lived with her friend and lover Fannie Flagg 

Susan Flannery supposedly lived with her friend (and partner) Fannie Flagg for eight years. Although she never announced their relationship, others announced her sexuality for her, and Susan never actively denied any of it. Brown continued, "The cracks in their relationship widened under the pressure. Many of Susan and Fannie's friends knew they were lovers, but many didn't," noting that the isolation must have been very painful for Susan to deal with.

Susan Flannery is now 84 years old and played her last role on television in 2004 as "Laura Levisetti" in 2 episodes of Hope & Faith

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