Katherine Kelly Lang (58) is a true Hollywood native. Born in Tinseltown in 1961, she graduated from Beverly Hills High School and made her acting debut in Skatetown, U.S.A. when she was just eighteen. Acting and the film industry are in her blood, her mother was actress Judith Lang and her grandfather Oscar-winning cinematographer Charles Lang. 

Katherine Kelly Lang in The Bold and the Beautiful

After her acting debut she appeared in numerous guest roles in a multitude of cult TV shows such as Riptide, Happy Days, The Fall Guy and 1st & Ten. It was in 1987 however, that Katherine Kelly Lang became a true household name when she was cast as "Brooke Logan" in The Bold and the Beautiful. The soap truly is a cult TV classic and over 8,000 episodes have aired so far.

Talented Lang has to travel a lot for work, but Los Angeles will always be home for her. She got married (and divorced) twice and is a mother to three children. She has two sons, Jeremy Skott Snider (born 1990) and Julian Lang Snider (born 1992) and a daughter, Zoe Katrina D'Andrea (born 1997), as well as a step-daughter, Danyelle D'Andrea (born 1991).

Los Angeles is also where her now grown-up children live and she revealed to Soaps in Depth that she loves "to see how each of them are living their adult lives" and to see "the choices they make. We’re all still really tight."

Katherine Kelly Lang: She has three children

Katherine's close family unit just got a bit bigger last year, when her youngest daughter Zoe gave birth to her own daughter. She loves babysitting and confesses that being a grandmother comes with all the perks of spoiling ones grandchildren without having to take on too much of the responsibility of actually raising them!

When she's not spending time with her family, blonde bombshell Lang loves enjoying the great outdoors and is a keen cyclist. She even took part in an iron man competition in 2018. Not surprising she's still in amazing shape!

Katherine Kelly Lang has been in a relationship with her manager Dominique Zoida since 2016 and we think they couldn't be cuter together. 

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