"Sam" lost his wife "Michelle" over two years ago...

'NCIS: L.A.': What's Brewing Between "Sam" And "Katherine Casillas"?

NCIS: L.A. Season 11: Could "Sam" start something with "Katherine"?

About two and a half years ago, '"Sam" lost his wife "Michelle" on NCIS: L.A. Now, the insurance broker "Katherine Casillas" has joined the cast and "Sam" seems to get along with her quite well. But is he ready for a new relationship after the loss of his wife? Watch out, spoilers ahead!

The two most recent episodes of NCIS: L.A. suggest that something might soon happen between "Sam" (LL Cool J, 51) and "Katherine Casillas" (Moon Bloodgood, 44). Spoiler warning: If you are NOT caught up on season 11 of NCIS: L.A., do not read any further.

New NCIS: L.A. character: Moon Bloodgood is "Katherine Casillas"

In the fifth episode of season 11 ( "Provenance") "Katherine Casillas" appeared for the first time. In the episode, a painting worth $40 million was stolen and "Katherine" got involved since she was responsible for the insurance of the painting.

Ever since "Katherine" was introduced, fans have suspected that she could become a permanent fixture on the show. And right they were: In episode seven (titled "Concours D'Elegance") "Sam" and "Callen" will actually need her help again. This time, they need her to gain access to an exclusive car auction.

NCIS: L.A.: A new love interest for "Sam"?

In the episode, "Katherine" confides in "Sam": She tells him about her family and her father. Then she insists on joining "Sam" when they go after the car that was up for auction and she asks him for his car key. Although nobody is allowed to touch his red key, "Sam" gives it to her right away.

"She'll appreciate it," he then says to "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell, 49). But we are sure that this is a sign of trust and that something is about to happen between the two of them.

NCIS: L.A. Season 11: Will Moon Bloodgood's character "Katherine Casillas" stick around?

Producer Scott Gemmil told TVInsider that the producers are actually working on a storyline that would include a romance for "Sam". But is "Katherine" the one he'll be involved with?

At least, they seem to get along well and the have bonded over mutual interests like wine and cars. But is "Sam" willing to enter into a new relationship? After all, he only lost "Michelle" two and a half years ago.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 11 is in full swing

To find out what will happen between "Sam" and the new character on NCIS L.A., you can catch the seventh episode, "Concours D'Elegance", on November 10.

NCIS: L.A. airs Sundays at 9 p.m. (8 central) on CBS.