It was THE surprise twist of the NCIS season 16 finale: "Ziva" (Coté de Pablo, 39) suddenly appeared in "Gibbs'" (Mark Harmon, 68) basement. And fans were really(!) glad when it was confirmed that she would also star in season 17.

Coté de Pablo then disappeared from the show after the first two episodes. Now it ha been announced when the pretty brunette will be making her return to NCIS.

"Ziva" will appear again in episode twelve of season 17 on December 17 and then again in episode 13 on January 7, 2020, as TVGuide now confirms. Coté de Pablo will close out the first half of the season and start us off into the second.

NCIS: Is "Ziva's" time in season 17 coming to an end?

In the first two NCIS episodes with "Ziva" in season 17, she explained where she's been for the past few years and, most importantly, how she survived. After all, her colleagues thought for years that she had been killed in a bomb attack.

Nevertheless, some questions remain unanswered and many viewers are curious to see if "Ziva's" time on NCIS could come to an end. Her ex-boyfriend "Tony" (Michael Weatherly, 51) still doesn't know that she's alive. Will he find out and want to see her again? For any sort of resolution in the "Tony"-"Ziva"-"Tali"-triangle, a Michael Weatherly comeback would probably be necessary.

NCIS fans were frustrated on Tuesday when the Democratic Debate took over the timeslot.

It remains to be seen what the NCIS showrunners have in store for "Ziva" - could there really be reunion for her with "Tali" and "Tony"? We will keep you posted!