"Doris McGarrett" (Christine Lahti, 69) is making a comeback on Hawaii Five-0 for at least one episode this Friday, according to TVInsider. In the upcoming episode, the CIA will apparently inform "Steve McGarrett" (Alex O'Loughlin, 43) that his mother has gone rogue and maybe even killed her partner during an undercover mission.

"Steve" is therefore headed to Mexico where he will meet up with "Doris" for the first time in a while in order to prove his mother's innocence and bring her back home.

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Hawaii Five-0: This is Doris McGarrett

"Doris McGarrett" was a secret agent in a former life and worked for the CIA. When her lifestyle became too much for her, she decided to quit her job and start a family.

Together with her husband "John McGarrett" she had two children: the current Hawaii Five-0 team leader and Lieutenant Commander "Steve McGarrett" and his sister "Mary McGarrett".

But the quiet time did not last long - "Doris'" old life caught up with her faster than expected and she was in real danger. To protect herself and her family, she faked her death more than 20 years ago. Everyone thought "Doris McGarrett" died in a car bombing.

Hawaii Five-0: "McGarrett" found his mother in season two

For years, she lived under a fake name ("Shelburne") and "Steve" was once actually involved with her in a way without knowing who she really was. Him and "Doris" were then reunited in season two of the popular show.

In season seven, "Doris" last said goodbye to her son at the airport. Before her departure, she told "Steve" that there is information about her former life hidden under a floorboard in her house.

Now in season ten, "Doris" returns to "Steve's" life once again. But how long will she stay this time...? Hawaii Five-0 airs on CBS on Fridays at 8pm, 7pm central.

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