In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Diona Reasonover had already teased a big upcoming episode for her character and on Tuesday night, we finally got a glimpse into "Kasie's" personal life. When her childhood friend (and ex-con) "Dante Brown" is accused of murder, "Kasie" - naturally - has an emotional response to a case for the first time. For her, that reaction is totally natural on one hand, but on the other it really flusters her because she cannot go about her usual routine, which is clinical and strictly professional.

NCIS Season 17: "Kasie's" best friend is a murder suspect

Diona Reasonover spoke to TVInsider this week before the release of the episode and talked about "Kasie's" dilemma in episode 6 of season 17 ("Institutionalized"):

"She's like, 'How do I go about this?' She's scared she'll get taken off the case. It's the first time she's had to have an emotional response to the case. We see a lot of the times the team just has that rule, 'no personal involvement in the case,' but this is a little bit unavoidable."

NCIS: Diona Reasonover talks about "Kasie"

When talking to TVLine, Reasonover also revealed her feelings on how "Kasie" has progressed during her NCIS tenure:

"I love that she’s smarter than me. [Laughs] And I know this is going to sound a little hokey, but I mean this truly from my heart: I love having a chance to represent, to kind of be the public face of NCIS. Obviously, I’m not a real NCIS agent or a real forensic scientist, but the people in NCIS work so incredibly hard, and it's very incredibly hard to even pretend to be that brave."

Fans sure were glad to get a look behind the curtain when it comes to "Kasie Hines"! Episode 7 of NCIS' 17th season ("No Vacancy") airs Tuesday November 12, 2019. Watch the first trailer right here.

NCIS Season 17 Episode 7 "No Vacancy": First Teaser

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