She starred in the 2014 movie alongside Angelina Jolie!

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"Kasie Hines" is the current Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team, and replacement for the famous "Abigail Sciuto". As far as her character is concerned "Kasie" is a friendly person. She is expressive and has inventive one-liners throughout the episodes. She was initially cold towards her forensic predecessor "Abigail Sciuto", however this was due to being a fan of hers and freaking out when meeting her. But enough about Diona Reasonover's character, what about her real life, specifically her wife Patricia Villetto? 

More about Patricia Villetto

Diona Reasonover and Patricia Villetto got married in 2018. Villetto is a writer, director and actor. Despite this claim on her Instagram bio of her professions, there is no sign of her in the world of showbiz and she has a mere 1,000 followers compared to Diona Reasonover's 12,600 which is growing. 

Patricia Villetto's Instagram posts

It seems Villetto may have had a problem with alcohol in the past, although this is only speculation. In a recent Instagram post she said: "Just me giving my former self a thumbs up for 10 years of sobriety. Yup 10 years booze free!"

We love seeing these two together, and hope to see more news of them in the future!