Even though the two suffered a short split while Cara was pregnant with their son Freddie, by the time he was born in 2017, the pair was back together again. On the subject of their time apart, Cara said: "We had months where we didn’t even talk! It was so hard because people were asking me about Nathan; he was there at the pregnancy scan but we didn’t really like each other".

The couple is now back on a high

"But in the back of my head I was thinking, anything you say is out there forever and I didn’t want Fred to grow up and see that Nathan and I had slated each other in the press. I went on This Morning and I was singing his praises and in my head I was thinking, I can’t stand him! I’m so thankful neither of us did that." Nathan said that he and Cara are now stronger than ever, saying to OK! Magazine: "I hold my hands up, I needed to grow up and we needed time away from each other. That time apart was the best thing we’ve ever done."

Since then, Nathan proposed to Cara and they have gotten married! Although the couple had a rough patch, they are definitely back to good terms, enjoying life together with their son. Congratulations to them!