For many fans it was a shock when Coté de Pablo's character (39) "Ziva" left NCIS. But the shock was almost as great when the agent returned in season 17 for two episodes. A recent photo posted by her co-star Brian Dietzen (41) now shows the actress back on the NCIS set!

Not only are NCIS fans happy to have her back but her co-stars are as well. Brian Dietzen, who stars as "Palmer", captioned the picture: "Man, I do love that I get to work with such good friends. Fun day on set today."

Many fans are now hoping that the photo of the two actors points to more scenes in which "Ziva" and "Palmer" could appear together. "Ziva" has already appeared in two episodes of the 17th season, but most of her scenes were with "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 68).

NCIS: "Ziva" will appear in two more episodes

Fans can look forward to two more episodes with Coté de Pablo in season 17. Will "Ziva's" story eventually end? The TV audience is hoping for a reunion of Coté de Pablo with her former partner "Tony" and their daughter "Tali".

However, this would require another comeback - that of "Tony", played by Michael Weatherly (51). A return for the actor is not impossible, because "Tony" actually made an appearance in episode two already, even though it was only on a phone call.

How will "Ziva's" story end on NCIS?

How the story of the popular character ends is yet to be seen. Many viewers fear that "Ziva's" time might be coming to an end this season.

Stay tuned for more info about season 17. NCIS airs on Tuesdays at 8pm (7 central) on CBS. The sixth episode of season 17 ("Institutionalized") will air on November 5, 2019.

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