Zodiac sign
August 24, 1976
Lion O'Loughlin, Saxon O'Loughlin
1.85 m (6′ 1″ ft)

O'Loughlin is a recognized actor since playing the role of the frigate captain "Steve McGarrett" in the remake of the series Hawaii Five-0. He had starring roles in the films Oyster Farmer and The Back-Up Plan, as well as in television series such as Moonlight and Three Rivers.

An Australian in Hawaii 

For many years, actor Alex O'Loughlin played one of the main characters in the Hawaii Five-0 series, as "Detective Steve McGarrett." Hawaii Five-0 managed to accumulate an extensive fan base around the world during the broadcast of its ten seasons. The actor had certain peculiarities when he started on the series, for example, his Australian accent, for a series set in Hawaii, which he found very difficult to adapt to!

So different from his character

Early in the series, the actor was asked to move to Oahu, Hawaii, in order to perform the show's scenes faster and better. At first, he did not want to so he was given a prudent time to think and analyze the proposal that was being made. With the help of his friends, he decided to accept the proposal. While playing the role of detective "Steven McGarrett", his character is always seeking revenge for his father's death and trying to defeat all the enemies he must face. In reality, the actor Alex O'Loughlin is a peaceful man who prefers to spend his free time surfing and hiking.

Fun facts

  • Following the departure of Pierce Brosnan, Alex O'Loughlin was considered to be the next James Bond but lost the role to Daniel Craig!
  • Fan of the metal band Iron Maiden.
  • Decided not to return for the final season of Hawaii Five-0 because he was struggling with a drug addiction caused by the multiple injuries he received while filming the series.
  • He likes to play the guitar
  • He is a fan of mountaineering and motorcycles