After the season nine finale of Hawaii Five-0, many questions were left unanswered for fans everywhere. We now know that shooting for the tenth season of the Crime series has officially begun and we can't wait to get some answers. The show's official Instagram account posted some pictures of the cast and crew going through a traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony!

Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 with Alex O'Loughlin

In the pictures that Hawaii Five-0 shared on Instagram, you can see the actors who were there when the shooting started. One actor is especially striking: Alex O'Loughlin (42) who is part of the cast. Before this, it wasn't clear whether Alex's character "McGarrett" would survive or whether the character would die in the season finale of the ninth season.

"McGarrett" was shot at the end of the ninth season. Whether he was wounded or not is not yet clear. On the pictures from the start of shooting, O'Loughlin also looks different from before. The actor has grown a beard, which suggests that some time might have passed between the ninth and tenth season.

The cast of Hawaii Five-0

In addition to O'Loughlin, the Hawaii Five-0 actors Beulah Koale ("Officer Junior Reigns"), Dennis Chun ("Sergeant Duke Lukela"), Kimee Balmilero ("Dr. Noelani Cunha"), Shawn Mokuahi Garnett ("Shawn 'Flippa' Tupuola") and Al Harrington ("Mamo Kahike") can also be seen in the pictures. This confirms they will all be in the tenth season.

It is already known when the tenth season of Hawaii Five-0 will premiere in the USA. The series will continue on September 27th, 2019.