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'NCIS': Maria Bello Reveals New Details About "Ziva's" Return

Three years ago CBS announced that Michael Weatherly would be leaving NCIS after 13 years of portraying "Tony DiNozzo". Since then, the actor has declared several times that he decided to leave the show because his longtime friend and colleague Cote de Pablo also left the series a couple of years before him and he just missed working with her.

NCIS season 17 is expected to be a big surprise

Cote de Pablo's character "Ziva" made a special appearance during the last episode of season 16, and fans are now wondering if not only her but also Michael Weatherly will officially return to the show. It seems that "Ziva's" comeback could be the first reason why Michael Weatherly would possibly return to the series as well, and fans are already excited to see them together on screen again!

NCIS stars likes to feel challenged

Secondly, the actor has often reported that he likes to get involved in new challenges from time to time, and we believe that although he is 100% familiar with NCIS, a possible return to the series could mean a new change in his professional career. "Tiva" kept viewers excited every week due to the romantic tension between them, and this could be the opportunity to see their relationship go to different levels!

Michael Weatherly and CBS still work together

The actor was involved in some serious issues after his Bull co-star Eliza Dushku made a sexual harassment claim against him, declaring that Weatherly allegedly used inappropriate humor in regards to her looks. He apologized for his misconduct and faced a series of consequences after Dushku's declaration.

Some viewers thought that Michael's career would be completely affected after Dushku's declarations. But the truth is that he is still a CBS employee, which makes us think that there is still hope for us to see him again in NCIS and the only way of finding out is by staying tuned. The next season of the show is set to premiere in September.