The ninth season of Hawaii Five-0 ended on Friday. The final minutes of the episode shocked many fans, as the life of a popular character is now at stake.

For all Hawaii Five-0 fans who do not want to know more: spoilers for season 9 ahead!

Alex O'Loughlin has been starring on Hawaii Five-O ever since 2010.

Hawaii Five-0: "Steve McGarrett" gets shot

In the season finale of Hawaii Five-0, the team is chasing a criminal who was able to secure a dangerous cyber weapon. After the chase, the investigators finally manage to stop him and take him into custody. But the case might have been over, but the episode was not over yet.

The team returns to the office after work, where they meet the wife of a Taliban named "Omar Hassan", who actually wants to apologize for her husband's actions. But she deceives the team. "Steve McGarrett" greets her, but suddenly the woman pulls out a gun and shoots at "Steve", who can't get to safety in time. The season ends with this crazy cliffhanger - we do NOT know if "Steve" has survived the attack.

Hawaii Five-O: Will Alex O'Loughlin leave the show?

Whether actor Alex O'Loughlin (42), who plays "Steve McGarrett" on Hawaii Five-0, could leave the show is still unknown at this point. Whether "McGarrett" actually dies or survives the gunshot wound, all fans of Hawaii Five-0 will find out in the new season, which is scheduled to premiere in the fall on CBS.

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