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Out of its 10 seasons, we're showing you the most popular Hawaii Five-0 episodes! According to IMDb, these episodes were the most action-packed and fan favorites. Read on to see if your favorite is on the list! 

Hawaii Five-0: These Are The Top 5 Episodes

Here are the top 5 most popular Hawaii Five-0 episodes! 

5.) "Ki'ilua"

This Hawaii Five-0 season 2 episode got rated an 8.8. In it, Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik) urgently needs "Steve's" (Alex O' Loughlin) help, as her fiancé is held hostage for ransom in North Korea.

Alex O'Loughlin has been starring on Hawaii Five-O ever since 2010.

Yet, as "Steve" starts working alongside "Jenna", it turns out to be a trap. "Wo Fat" captures and incarcerates them. By the end of the episode, we find out "Jenna's" husband has been deceased all along, but "Steve" is saved. 

4.) "Ua Hala"

This season 2 episode was given a rating of 8.9 on IMDb. "Ua Hala" is certainly action-packed! It starts off with "Captain Fryer" getting shot, as well as a bomb explosion at the HPD. Even medical examiner "Max" (Masi Oka) gets shot! Of course, the Five-0 squad steps in to find the attacker.

Meanwhile, "Danny" is fighting for custody of his daughter "Grace" when he finds out this ex "Rachel" plans on moving to Las Vegas. In "Steve's" personal life, it's revealed that "Shelburne" is actually his mother, though he believed she had already been dead for years. 

3.) "Ha'i'ole"

In the season premiere of season 2, viewers loved the intense intro! This episode was also given an 8.9. In it, "Steve" has escaped prison with the help of hitman "Victor Hesse" (James Marsters), the man who actually killed his father. If you need a reminder, "Steve" was sent to prison after being accused of killing the governor - of course, it was a set up by "Wo Fat".


Then, "Danny", "Kono", and "Chin" help their boss out by clearing his name and proving the guilt of "Wo Fat". By the end of the episode, in true "Wo" fashion, he escapes, but newly-appointed allows the Five-0 team back to work (except for "Kono" who is still under investigation at this point).

2.) "Ho'onani Makuakane"

In this season 4 episode 10 episode, it was rated a 9.1 on IMDb! "Ho'onani Makuakane" was an emotional episode, as it brought up the history of Pearl Harbor and WWII, all the while including personal momentums of "Steve".

As "Steve" and "Chin" leave a Pearl Harbor memorial service, "Chin" sees and stops Korean War veteran "David Toriyama" from shooting wheelchair-bound Pearl Harbor veteran "Ezra Clark". "David" believes "Ezra" killed his father years before...

'Hawaii Five-0' is ending: We will miss "McGarrett" and "Danny"!

Then, in a turn of events, "Steve" discovers that the killer of "David's" father actually had connections to his very own grandfather, whom he was named after. They also discover an internment camp on Oahu that had been covered up. 

1.) "Oia'i'o"

The number 1 rated Hawaii Five-0 episode is "Oia'i'o", which is technically tied with the number two spot at a 9.1. Yet, fans were tied into this season 1 finale! In it, it consists of a string of turbulent events, including the murder of "Laura Hills" (Kelly Hu) and the imprisonment of "Steve" for the murder of the governor, as mentioned in rank #3. 

Hawaii Five-0 season 11

We see "Steve" tasered by "Wo Fat", who then ultimately kills the governor, and "Kono" is arrested for her part in a robbery that had taken place earlier in the season. Meanwhile, "Danny" must decide if he'd rather leave Hawaii to be with his family, or help out his Five-0 squad. 

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