Grace Park has been married to her husband, Phil Kim, since 2004. Like many couples in Hollywood, most only date in their celebrity circle. But for Grace Park, she picked a man who actually isn't involved with the red carpet. He's involved in a different type of publicity: real estate.

Grace Park's husband stays away from the spotlight!

Grace Park at the Hawaii Five-0 premiere on September 10, 2011 in Waikiki, Hawaii

Phil Kim and his lovely wife met in 2002 while in Canada (Grace's home country). Kim's career is in real estate development, following his father's footsteps. Kim was born in New York City and is very successful in his business of real estate, having been estimated a net worth of over $1 million. Today, he and Grace live in Vancouver, Canada. The couple welcomed a son in 2013, their first and only child.

Phil Kim and Grace Park at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in 2008.

The pair also isn't on any social media... They prefer to keep their personal life extremely private, something hard to do this day and age!