For seven years, Masi Oka (44) starred as Chief Medical Examiner "Dr. Max Bergman" in Hawaii Five-0. In the second season, he was promoted to the main cast of the series. In 2017, however, he decided to leave the show in the middle of the seventh season. His colleagues Daniel Dae Kim (51) and Grace Park (45) also left "Hawaii Five-0".

Currently, many Hawaii Five-0 fans are sad that Jorge Garcia's (46) character "Jerry Ortega" has left the show. Fortunately for all of them (and us!) that the showrunners are bringing back a familiar face with Masi Oka.

Masi Oka returns to Hawaii Five-0

According to TVline, Masi Oka will make his comeback on October 25th for a guest appearance in Hawaii Five-0's special Halloween episode, and he won't be alone. "Max" has his son in tow, who needs to be protected, because during the investigation of a burglary gone wrong, a dangerous monster is said to have escaped from the cellar.

But Masi Oka not only plays "Dr. Max Bergman", he will also be going to Halloween as another Keanu Reeves role. This time, he has apparently chosen "John Wick"! All Hawaii Five-0 fans can definitely look forward to this comeback...

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