When Michael Weatherly left NCIS in 2016, he told TV Guide Magazine that he would come back when the plot of the story needed him. Now, after Cote de Pablo's comeback as "Ziva", we all have to agree on the fact that NCIS definitely needs "Tony." 

Exciting news is that the NCIS showrunners Steven Binder and Frank Cadera have talked about a possible Michael Weatherly comeback. Although they have not revealed concrete answers, they clearly opened up the possibility of seeing "Ziva" and "Tony" together again, such as Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon recently did during an interview with TV Insiderwhich means that not only fans would love to see "Tony" again, but also his NCIS co-stars.

Michael Weatherly's comeback might be kept secret

The possible return of Michael Weatherly to the series will probably be kept secret until the episode in question is broadcast, which is exactly what happened with "Ziva"- her appearance on the new season of the show was a big surprise for everyone. She left the series in 2013 but was recently persuaded to make a comeback.  

Cote de Pablo is coming back on September 24...!

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