The seventeenth season of NCIS premiered just yesterday and you don't have to worry if you were not able to see the first episode because we have all the information about it! It was definitely very exciting to see "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo) again on screen, but what exactly did happen?

NCIS season 17 begins with two men arguing over a back-alley cellphone deal when suddenly a bloodied and sweaty man carjacks them at gunpoint: It's "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) - but he is not alone! "Ziva" is also there, and she hops into the stolen car while casually tossing two severed fingers on the dashboard. 

The next thing we know is that "McGee" (Sean Murray) gets a call about a body in "Gibbs’s" basement, and not only the team but also NCIS fans were surprised after seeing that "Gibbs" was not on the scene, but his weapons and cell phone. The fact that an old coal chute was found in his basement suggests his means of escape.

NCIS season 17 - THIS was the most intriguing part of the first episode

Later on, "Bishop" (Emily Wickersham) goes to "Ziva's" old office where she recognizes the fabric as belonging to one "Ziva's" coat. However the most intriguing part of the episode is probably when "Odette" (Elayn J. Taylor) reveals that "Ziva" was the true target of the farmhouse fire, so that's why she faked her death and went undercover to keep her family safe. After being asked if "Tony" (Michael Weatherly) knows about that, she only says: "That’s not for me to say.”

At some point "McGee" gets the feeling that "Bishop" is hiding something, so he pings her phone and finds her at "Ziva’s" office. When she tells him that "Ziva" is alive, he just can't deal with the news very well. The first episode of the new NCIS  season was definitely very exciting and it only made us even more curious about the future of some of our favorite characters like "Ziva," so we will have to stay tuned to find out more details about it!