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With a distinguished acting career of more than 50 years, American actress and soap-opera star Susan Flannery is still turning heads. She is best known for her roles as "Stephanie Forrester" in The Bold and the Beautiful, and as "Laura Spencer" in Days of Our Lives. 

The Bold and the Beautiful star is a winner in every sense of the word

Susan Flannery's professional work includes appearances in 9 films and more than 10 television shows. Her career earned her four Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series; however, in 2012 she decided to retire. For that reason, the plot of The Bold and the Beautiful had to be modified and her character passed away after losing the battle against cancer.

Susan Flannery decided not to continue acting but that doesn't mean that she fully stopped working. In 2018 she returned to The Bold and the Beautiful for a special cameo as "Stephanie's" voice with a very important message for "Brooke" on her wedding day. 

What has Susan Flannery been up to?

Apart from that, Susan Flannery has directed a couple of TV episodes. In 2017 she directed "Doors and Windows", the 14th episode of the ninth season of the American family drama series The Fosters; between 2010 and 2014 she directed 36 episodes of the soap-opera web series Venice the Series; and in 2013 she co-directed the film The Grove, alongside Karen Wilkens.

Five quick facts about The Bold and the Beautiful star Susan Flannery

  • She is 84 years old
  • In 1987 she adopted her daughter Blaise
  • She is a licensed pilot
  • Apart from being a talented actress she's also a very skilled gourmet cook
  • She loves dogs! She reportedly has two Labrador Retrievers

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