Lady Gaga's glamorous Taco Bell run

Lady Gaga may be down-to-earth, but that doesn't mean that she won't have a Hollywood glamour story! The pop icon reveals a hilarious moment following the 2019 Oscars.

After appearing on the Graham Norton Show, Gaga shares a hilarious tipsy moment that had some people "freaking out."

Following her A Star is Born Best Actress win, Gaga reveals, "I didn’t know what was going to happen that night – I was just so happy to be there. My sister and I were barrelling through champagne backstage and when we left, I didn’t tell anyone, and I still had the diamond (a priceless jewel lent to her by Tiffany) on."


She continued, "Everyone freaked out that I was still wearing it – when I went to Madonna’s house, security guards were side-eyeing me and eventually, when we were heading to Taco Bell, my car was pulled over and Tiffany’s security politely removed it from my neck!"

The lapse in memory was shrugged off, and it wasn't made out to be a big deal, but the actress shares it was one moment she won't forget!

The star also went on to talk about her latest album release

"I am so excited – I’ve been making it for two and half years. It’s not odd. What is odd is being in the middle of a global pandemic!" she said of its release.

Gaga has also been in the spotlight for her collab with none other than Ariana Grande. She said of the singer, "She has been through so much, so the song was done in the spirit of working and coming together to make magic out of the rain – so bring it on!”