America's Got Talent judge and famous germaphobe, Howie Mandel was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live and when talking about the quarantine, Howie brought up the standout star of America's Got Talent premiere and wrongly convicted, Archie Williams. "I don't know if you watched yesterday's show, but we had Archie, the guy that was incarcerated for 36 years. And we're complaining about 10 weeks!"

Howie Mandel On How He's Handling Self-Isolation

Howie has found a creative way to keep himself entertained during the lockdown. In the interview, Howie said he has "got to look for things to do each and every day," and his favorite thing to do is mess with his poor wife, Terry Mandel!

Howie Mandel and Terry Mandel at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on 04.09.2008.

The prankster said "My wife, like a lot of other people, are doing puzzles. I don't like puzzles, but she buys like thousand-piece puzzles and she sits there, and that's her whole focus. So, the second day that she had the puzzle, and I've done it to three puzzles already, I took one piece, and I hide it, and then I just sit there waiting for the next couple days, just waiting. And then there's always one missing!"

Howie laughed far too hard describing his wife's misfortune when he said "Then she screams, I'm in such joy and she's in such pain. That's the yin and yang of a long marriage. We've been married for 40 years." Poor Terry!