Actress Laurel Goodwin, who shared the screen with Elvis Presley in the '60s, has passed away. Goodwin died on Feb. 25, and her obituary was found online this week. She lived to be 79.

Actress Laurel Goodwin has died at age 79

Laurel Goodwin enjoyed a brief but memorable career as an actress in the 1960s. Her first role came opposite Elvis Presley in his 1962 film Girls! Girls! Girls! She played a character called "Laura Dodge."

Laurel Goodwin starred in Elvis Presley's Girls! Girls! Girls!

Afterward, Goodwin was seen in Jackie Gleason's 1963 film Papa's Delicate Condition. A few TV guest roles followed, including on The Virginian and as "Stella" on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Laurel Goodwin is also notable for appearing in the abandoned Star Trek pilot. She portrayed "Yeoman J.M. Colt" in the rejected 1964 episode. She retired from acting in 1971.

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Laurel Goodwin was born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1942, and was married to a man named Walter Wood. According to her obituary, Goodwin died in Cathedral City, California, and is survived by her sister Maureen.

Laurel would have turned 80 later this year.