• Lily Rose Beatrice Allen is an English singer-songwriter and actress
  • She is known for her simply charms and beautiful voice
  • THIS post has fans steaming up

She is the daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen and she knows it. Lilly Allen has also been a style icon, using her clothes to express her personality. Her latest number is really a spectacle for the eyes. The "Not Fair" singer, 38, was spotted by photographers leaving London’s Duke of York Theatre on Wednesday, and thank goodness for that! She was heading out after an evening performance of her play, 'The Pillowman'. Her dress was truly a sight. Allen looked absolutely radiant in a gold and black tiger print gown. And who made this beautiful number? Her stylist said on Instagram that it is by designer GCDS.

Lilly is simply stunning


What a look it was. Strutting in black platform heels, the star’s light blonde hair was styled in a sophisticated slicked-back 'do. Allen also complimented her look with fun Messika jewelry. She was caught red-handed in her change of outfit after an emergency in the theatre.

The show on Wednesday was temporarily stopped after a fire alarm prompted an evacuation of the theatre. "Firefighters responded to an automatic fire alarm sounding at a theater on St Martin's Lane in Central London yesterday," a spokesperson from the London Fire Brigade tells 'People'. "The theater was evacuated as a precaution. A crew attended and following investigation, established there was no fire."

Also interesting:

So, luckily nobody was hurt! Lilly Allen's reps did not respond for any comment, but in any case, nothing actually happened. The only thing that was newsworthy was Lilly's stunning outfit. She clearly can do no wrong with her choice of fashion. Lilly is used to donning lots of outfits on stage. And now she gets to do so for 'The Pillowman.'

"One of our most inventive playwrights, Martin McDonagh, is renowned for pushing boundaries, and it's a privilege to join this show," Allen said in a statement to BroadwayWorld. "Together with my incredible 2.22 director Matthew Dunster, I am excited to help create a production of 'The Pillowman' that is sorely needed right now in these unprecedented times."