• A 'Freaky Friday' sequel is in the works
  • Lindsay Lohan has teased it for fans
  • THIS is what we know

Hold onto your fortune cookies, folks! The iconic body-swapping duo, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, are gearing up for round two! Lohan can barely contain her excitement, spilling to 'PEOPLE' that the project is "in the process" – though the deets on filming and script completion are still hush-hush.

Daily Chit-Chat Fuels the Fire

Lohan gushes about her almost daily chinwags with Curtis, promising a barrel of laughs for their upcoming cinematic reunion. "We're going to have a lot of fun with this," she assures. And let's face it, when these two chat, magic happens!

Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen herself, has been teasing us with sequel whispers since the 20th anniversary of 'Freaky Friday.' After globe-trotting with 'Halloween Ends', Curtis felt the sequel vibes and made the call to Disney. "It feels like there's a movie to be made,” she declared.

Mark Harmon chimes in with confidence, betting on Curtis's power to manifest movie magic. "If she’s talking about it, then it’ll happen," he told Kelly Clarkson, and we're all ears!

The sequel's script is already in the talented hands of Elyse Hollander, as reported by Variety. So, get ready to flip your wigs – this is happening!

Let's not forget, the Lohan-Curtis 'Freaky Friday' was a cash cow, milking a cool $160 million at the box office back in 2003. Can they strike gold again? You betcha!

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Meanwhile, Lohan isn't just sitting pretty; she's keeping busy with her Netflix debut, 'Irish Wish', hot on the heels of her 2022 hit, 'Falling for Christmas.'