• Lionel Messi makes history yet again
  • He recently broke an Instagram record
  • His picture stole a record set by Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite an incredible tug-of-war between two of the greatest athletes of all time, in recent years, Messi has been pulling ahead on the pitch. After his victory in the World Cup there are few left to argue that. And now, Messi is not only ahead in terms of world championship titles, but also online.

Leo Messi breaks records on Instagram too!

This all because Messi has now broken a record that was held intact by Ronaldo! So far, CR7 had been in the top 10 most liked Instagram photos with three photos that set the bar very high for the number of fans showing some love. Ronaldo had certainly been the king of Instagram for many years...

Also interesting:

That's history now as Messi has overtaken him with four pictures, even taking first place with his latest! The new record photo shows Messi with the trophy in hand after beating France in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The image has made its round all over the globe already!

Watch the video above to learn more!