• Kendall Jenner flashes her body
  • She shares a nude photo
  • The model is said to have recently been single

Kendall Jenner (26) is said to have been single again for two weeks and celebrates with a nude photo. On Instagram, she shares a snapshot that shows her completely naked lying on her stomach while sunbathing on a lounger.

Kendall Jenner presents her bare behind

The hot photo primarily reveals Kendall Jenner's perfectly formed bottom. A follower says in the comments, "What my Barbie used to look like when I’d lose her clothes after experimenting with different outfits."

Her bare breasts can also be seen in the picture. Unlike in February, when Kendall Jenner shared an uncensored nude photo of herself, this time black bars cover her nipples. Is the snapshot too hot for Instagram?

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Interestingly, not even the uncensored February photo was deleted. It seems Instagram doesn't mind Kendall Jenner's super revealing body.