• The funeral for Lisa Marie Presley was on Jan. 22
  • Family, friends, and fans gathered at Graceland
  • There were eulogies and musical performances

The public memorial for Lisa Marie Presley went ahead at Graceland on Jan. 22.

The beloved daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley had died unexpectedly at the age of 54. Family members and friends led the ceremony before heartbroken fans and mourners.

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Lisa Marie Presley funeral: Family and friends paid tribute

From a small stage, a devastated Priscilla Presley delivered a eulogy about her late daughter. She and Elvis had Lisa Marie in 1968. 

Overcome by emotion, Lisa Marie's eldest daughter Riley Keough asked her husband to speak on her behalf.

Lisa Marie Presley Public Memorial

During the speech, Riley's husband Ben Smith-Petersen revealed that Lisa Marie was actually a grandmother. He and Riley privately had a child together.

Former royal Sarah Ferguson was among the celebrities in attendance. She delivered a loving message to her friend.

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Musical performers included singer Alanis Morissette and rockstars Billy Corgan and Axl Rose.

Lisa Marie Presley's grave has been prepared at Graceland. Mourners were seen leaving flowers and items nearby. 

Presley's grave rests next to that of her late son Benjamin Keough, who passed away in 2020. Lisa Marie Presley was 54...

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