• From Little House on the Prairie to Wicked
  • A star of the series is in a Halloween costume

Wow, who is that? This Little House on the Prairie actress is hiding under the green face of the "Witch of the West", which you can see in the video above.

Little House on the Prairie star as a Wicked character

Alison Arngrim,  better known to fans of the show as "Nellie Oleson," appropriately dressed up for the Wizard of Oz Days Gala in Missouri.

Also, attending were her former co-stars Charlotte Stewart aka "Miss Beadle" and Wendi Lou Lee aka "Grace".

Also Interesting:

Decades after the show, Arngrim is and remains simply as "Nellie" to fans, which is abundantly clear from the comments people had to say:

"'Nellie Oleson' has not changed a bit," wrote one user.