• Patrick Dempsey suffered from marital problems
  • The actor is completely open about what happened
  • This is how it went with his wife Jillian Fink

Who couldn't imagine being married to sexy "McDreamy"? Patrick Dempsey has conquered many women's hearts, especially through his role as a neurosurgeon in the medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

The actor has been married to his wife Jillian Fink since 1999. The two have three children together.

Patrick Dempsey opens up about marital problems

Having been together for so long can only speak of their harmonious marriage, right? In 2015, however, the couple shocked fans when they announced their breakup. However, after a year, they found each other again. Now Patrick Dempsey talks about that dark phase.

Dempsey told Bild at the opening ceremony of the Porsche Store in Stuttgart, Germany: "We had difficult times. A relationship is a lot of work."

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The "Derek Shepherd" actor openly admits that therapy was the main thing that helped him and his wife. The actor said, "We started therapy while we were still dating. And we still go to therapy. A relationship is like a car, you have to go to the workshop every now and then."

It is important not to restrict each other, but still to act as a couple. To enjoy some togetherness, his wife Jill visited him in Italy, where Dempsey is currently shooting for a movie.

"Having this time was important for us. Even without children," Patrick revealed to Bild. It's wonderful to hear, that the couple found each other again despite going through difficulties.