• Grey's Anatomy Season 19 is full of surprises
  • And familiar faces are also making comebacks

Grey's Anatomy fans can rejoice as a series favorite returns. "Dr. Jackson Avery" will be featured in season 19. 

Grey's Anatomy: This hot doctor is back

Actor Jesse Williams also directed some new episodes and his character will have a guest appearance, as Deadline reports. For Williams, this is not the first episode he has directed. He has already held this position for three other episodes. From season six to season 17, Williams was part of the regular cast of the popular series. 

Also Interesting:

He also made a guest appearance in the 18th season. However, he will not appear at the usual location of the "Grey Sloan Memorial", but he will be encountered by "Meredith" in Boston. 

As a bonus, His mother in the show "Catherine," played by Debbie Allen, will also be featured in the episode.