• Little House on the Prairie was a classic American television drama
  • Alison Arngrim and Steve Tracy played a married couple on the show
  • People assumed the two were truly married in life as well

The show was a true staple of television, and its stars seemed to be larger than life. People often associated the characters with the actors. But in real life, Steve Tracy was gay, yet many believed he and Alison were a real couple. The actress revealed this in her book Confessions of a Prairie Bitch where she talks about the fake relationship with her colleague.

Alison and Steve were thick as thieves

She reports that it was simply assumed that the two were a couple because they got along well and had such a close relationship. Steve Tracy, in particular, was quite thankful because he didn't want his homosexuality to become public. Back then, coming out could have cost him his career.

Also interesting:

This revelation certainly came as a shock to many fans of the show. The two often gave interviews where they talked about how in love they were or attended events together as a couple. Alison Arngrim even referred to Steve Tracy as her 'other husband'...

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