• Dean Butler starred in 'Little House on the Prairie' 
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  • He also starred in 'The Love Boat'

American-Canadian actor Dean Butler (65) owes his success, in part, to his co-star Melissa Gilbert (57), who was one of the reasons Butler rose to stardom. He and Melissa, who played "Laura Ingalls", were an absolute dream team on screen and their characters' marriage was a particularly strong one.

The two actors have remained friends long after 'Little House on the Prairie' finished and they have often celebrated their birthdays together. How cute is that? 

Dean Butler at a charity event

Dean Butler's life after 'Little House on the Prairie' 

After the end of the hit TV series in 1983, Butler starred in the hit drama 'Desert Hearts'. Despite his success on the big screen he stayed true to his television roots and had various guest appearances in different TV shows, including 'Who's the Boss?' (1984), 'The Love Boat' (1982-1986) and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (1997-2002). 

Butler has also worked on stage and starred in Broadway plays 'West Side Story' and 'Into the Woods'. Is there anything he can't do? 

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Dean Butler: Producer and Broadway star

Nowadays, Butler spends a lot of his time behind the camera and owns the production company Peakmoore Enterprises Inc, which produces documentaries, DVD bonus material, and online articles. In addition to running his own production company, he also works as a West Coast correspondent for Broadway World, the world's number-one site for all things theatre.

Dean Butler has been married to actress Katherine Cannon since 2001 and they currently live in Los Angeles. Butler has no children of his own.