• 'Little House on the Prairie' is a cult classic
  • Alison Arngrim left the show early
  • Contracts and dissatisfaction played a part

To 'yahoo', Alison Arngrim revealed that her exit was related to her contract and she was eager to try something different.

"When I started the show in 1974, like a bunch of people at the time, I signed a 7-year contract," Alison Arngrim explains. After the end of the term, the actress refused to renew.

After 7 seasons, it was time to leave

The former child star shared other reasons for leaving the cult show.

"I was 19 years old and had been there since I was twelve. So I said, wow, I was kind of hoping to have a life and do other things. To do theatre. To do stand-up because you're kind of locked in. And the schedule was so weird, there were hardly any long breaks where we could go and do a TV movie or something on the side," Arngrim says.

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In the last season "Nellie" returned once more and appeared completely changed: she was married and more friendly.

Alison was not part of the final episodes. Nevertheless, she looks back on her time very favourably.