• Little House on the Prairie was a television landmark
  • The show launched many important careers
  • This is the darkest episode of the series

It wasn't all puppies and rainbows. Especially the two-parter Sylvia in season seven which shocked the viewers. In it, the girl "Sylvia" was raped by a man wearing a clown mask and became pregnant. Since she was then excluded from the whole village, "Albert" wanted to help her.

This episode won't be forgotten

He offered to marry her so that the child would be born into their marriage. But before he could keep his promise, "Sylvia" was attacked a second time and died trying to escape. Pretty rough stuff! "Sylvia" was played by then 16-year-old Olivia Barash.

Also interesting:

The two-parter wasn't such a big shock to her, as she said to Entertainment Weekly. However, she received some very emotional reactions from her friends and family.

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