'The Undoing': Watch Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant In New Trailer Here

It's a tense, unsettling preview of the new show...

'The Undoing': Watch Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant In New Trailer Here

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are sharing their love

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton have proved to us all that maybe love is blind

The couple are taking to YouTube to share their love with their fans.

Lauren, 32, and Cameron, 28, got engaged on the Netflix hit dating series Love is Blind. The concept of the show is to see if couples can fall in love without ever having seen each other in person.

The couple took a romantic vaycay to Mexico after their engagement, and three weeks later said "I do".

“Let me just start off by saying that I am so glad you guys came to join us,” Lauren says in the channel’s introduction video.

“Whether you are returning from before, you’re familiar with our story, or whether you just found us and you’re new to our house, we are happy to have you," she continues.

“The support we have received from everyone has been amazing,” Cameron adds. “All of the kind words and people relating to our story it’s just awesome to see.”


“In this channel we are going to talk about everything in our lives, the different elements that make them up,” Cameron explains. “Whether it’s our family, our friends, dinner, drinks, cocktails, you know what I’m talking about.”

Even interracial relationship stuff,” Lauren adds. “Black women stuff, white man Cameron stuff. Whatever.”

Love is Blind has taken the Reality TV world by storm, and Lauren and Cameron have opened up about their unconventional marriage.

Cameron has said that since getting married a year and a half ago, they are stronger than ever!

“Lauren helps me balance my more serious side with her,” he explained. “She’s got a great sense of humour. So… Just seeing she’ll maybe do a funny dance or a funny voice or something like that.”

Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix, and Hangin’ with the Hamiltons is available on YouTube.