• Madonna is American music icon
  • She is known for changing her looks
  • Madonna has recently changed too much

Celebrated for her controversial stage performances, Madonna is also known for changing her looks. But for many fans, this time she has gone a little too far, showing a brand new face at this year's Grammy Awards. And the fact is, it's tough to tell if that even is the real Madonna...

Fans are concerned for Madonna's mental health!

Our pictures show what Madonna looks like now. The singer was there to present a performance by Sam Smith and Kim Petras, and she was truly and utterly shocking to see. Her Instagram page was flooded with comments calling her scary, unrecognizable, and criticizing her obsession with plastic surgery.

Also interesting:

But Madonna herself has never publicly addressed rumors of any cosmetic enhancements. Instead, the singer took to Instagram to speak about the speculation and rumors...

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