• Madonna shows what she's got
  • Are you seeing too much in this photo?
  • She shows herself almost topless

Singer Madonna (64) who recently came out in a TikTok video, loves to get attention on social media. Her most recent Instagram photo is proof of that... 

The pop star wears a very tight corset in the picture, which perfectly emphasizes her bust size. Madonna's breasts seem to be falling out of the top!

Madonna likes it hot - her breasts almost fall out

Although Madonna is now almost of retirement age, the icon poses so seductively in the photo that everyone can hardly believe her age. The star looks at herself in the mirror and her gaze says: "I like what I see!"

Thanks to the thick fur coat that she lets fall loosely over her shoulders and the many candles in front of the mirror, Madonna doesn't seem to be cold. In fact, you only see one breast - the other is covered by her long red hair. 

Also interesting:

The Queen of Pop wears a silver chain around her neck, which, given her bust size, only catches the eye the third time you look at it. 

Madonna's caption for the picture reads: "I'd like to put you in a trance." She definitely managed to hypnotize her fans with the outfit.